V-Tuf.M Lung Safe Dust Vacuum / Extraction

The V-TUF M helps you tackle dust at source.

Connects directly to your power tools or sweep up and enjoy a dust free environment.

The V-TUF M is certified to M Class, the new minimum legal requirement for construction sites.

Unrated vacuum cleaners are extremely dangerous as respirable dust can pass through the motor and be pumped back into the atmosphere.

The V-TUF M offers you affordable compliance and protection from common dust related health issues.

See Data sheet for full specification.

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Code Datasheet Voltage Stock Price
(exc VAT)
VTM1240 240v 4 £218.13 (£261.76 inc VAT)
VTM1110 110v 2 £225.54 (£270.65 inc VAT)