26KE Series Safety Couplings

Safety coupling with a self-venting system.

Use with 25SF plugs.

Self-venting takes place during disconnection – no risk of pressurised hoses being tossed around. When the sleeve is pulled back, the plug is released yet remains locked in.

The coupling valve closes and the air is vented from the air line at the same time, only then, by operating the sleeve again, can uncoupling take place safely.

The system fulfils the requirements of ISO 4414 – increased safety standards in the work place.

Safety Note.

Reliable functioning can only be guaranteed in conjunction with original Parker Rectus 25SF series plugs made of steel.

Working Temperature: -20 deg C up to +60 deg C (NBR) depending on the medium.

For temperatures below -20 deg C and over +60 deg C and depending on the medium, other seal variants (FKM, EPDM, FFKM) are available.

Working Pressure: 12 bar (maximum static working pressure with safety factor 4 to 1).

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Code Datasheet Description Stock Price
(exc VAT)
26KEAW13MPN G1/4" Male Thread 15 £34.36 (£41.23 inc VAT)
26KEAW17MPN G3/8" Male Thread 15 £34.36 (£41.23 inc VAT)
26KEAW21MPN G1/2" Male Thread 15 £35.28 (£42.34 inc VAT)
26KEIW13MPN G1/4" Female Thread 15 £34.36 (£41.23 inc VAT)
26KEIW17MPN G3/8" Female Thread 18 £34.36 (£41.23 inc VAT)
26KEIW21MPN G1/2" Female Thread 15 £35.48 (£42.58 inc VAT)
26KETF06MPN 6mm / 1/4" Hose Barb 15 £35.72 (£42.86 inc VAT)
26KETF08MPN 8mm / 5/16" Hose Barb 15 £36.08 (£43.30 inc VAT)
26KETF10MPN 10mm / 3/8" Hose Barb 43 £35.32 (£42.38 inc VAT)
26KETF13MPN 13mm / 1/2" Hose Barb 15 £33.36 (£40.03 inc VAT)