H90 Series

H90 Series - 90 Degree Flat Face Couplings

Holmbury's H90 Series is designed for use in applications that require a 90 degree elbow in the hydraulic circuit, such as digger booms. The right angle design allows for easy mounting without the need for additional fittings, reducing potential leakage paths and cost.

ISO 16028
Carbon Steel with zinc nickel plating (1200 hours with no red rust in salt spray tests)
Fitted with Nitrile seals
Operating Temp: -40 Deg C to +106 deg C

For more information please see datasheet attached.

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Code Datasheet Thread Type Stock Price
(exc VAT)
H9012-F-06JM 3/8" JICCoupling 5 £51.14 (£61.37 inc VAT)
H9012-F-08S 1/2" SAECoupling 5 £51.14 (£61.37 inc VAT)
H9012-M-08S 1/2" SAEProbe 10 £28.90 (£34.68 inc VAT)